Ten Acts of Kindness

Posted By on May 7, 2009

With all the excitement around the election and volunteering to support it, after everything was over, I wanted to carry on the hope it instilled.  And as all of us have watched the world financial system meltdown and listen to all the on-going job loss statistics and business closures, I realized how thankful I am right now.  So, with that said, I came to grips that I needed to do what I could to contribute to my own community and fellow man. 


In December, I set myself a challenge to do at least ten Acts of Kindness or contributions.  And in the process, I shared it with my friends and co-workers as one of my goals.  As I put it out there, new ideas came in and I inspired some of my buddies to do the same.  Here is what my family and I have done so far:


  • Purchased $5 meal vouchers for needed families through the Vitamin Cottage
  • Purchased books that local kids have picked out (for their Christmas presents) at Barnes and Noble  
  • Purchased books for my children’s school library through a special program at Barnes & Noble
  • Contributing to two Adopt a Family for the Holidays through friends at work
  • Asked my two closest friends to skip sending me a Christmas gift and instead contributing the money to their favorite charities
  • Contributing to my friend’s fund raiser to purchase a goat for a family in Latin America
  • Contributed to Salvation Army


And with two additional contributions, I left 2008 with Hope and my goal is to inspire Hope in 2009.  My Ten Acts of Kindness has been a good start.


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  1. kelly says:

    My friend! I am so glad you are back and blogging!! Missed you!!!

    Hey-how do you buy a goat?? Seriously. More info please!!!

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