The Christmas Tree & Other Realizations

Posted By on May 7, 2009

Along with my commitment to give back, December was a tough month, due to work and health reasons.  Now you add on top of that shows and Christmas and I was so excited to see Christmas break starting at 12.19.08, I didn’t know what to do with myself. 


The low lights of December were that I finally realized/acknowledge that I had gained almost 30 lbs and my tendonitis in my right hand was becoming acutely painful.  I would ultimately rejoin (with commitment Weight Watchers) and file for Workman’s Comp for my hand. 


The highlights of December were the Christmas tree almost fell over about two weeks prior to Christmas Day!  We had to strap it to our stair banister, until we could take the entire tree apart and reset it up.  It was very very funny!!  The tree sat at a 45 degree angle for about 5 days (work was crazy!!!).  :O) 


The next coolest thing was that I decided that I would do 10 charitable things before the end of 2008.  Check out my blog that just preceded this one.


The most coolest thing was how excited the kids were when they came down and discovered Santa had been at the house and ate his cookie and drank his milk.  And then he left them fun toys and boring clothes!!!  It was a good day for them and for us.  December was a mix of highs and lows, but it reminds us of what is truly important.


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  1. kelly says:

    Those two munchkins must have been ECSTATIC on Christmas with Santa eating his cookie and drinking his milk. How cool is THAT?

    I hope your hand is ok…

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