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My People Hope for Peace

As artists, we know that one of the greatest gifts we have is our hands.  With that said, one of the most positive things that came out of January was a confirmation about my hands.  I spent the tale-end of December, January, and February doing physical therapy for my hand.  My right hand has had issues since 1988.  And with recent work changes, my workload had jumped exponentially.  Because of that, I just didn’t have enough sense to take breaks during the work day.  So, I would just pound away, hour upon hour upon hour, trying to get everything done.  But, my hand knew there was a problem with that.  And in early December, I started back doing physical therapy twice per week (through the holidays and into the New Year). 


As this had been a long term issue, I had to take a test at the end of January.  It was an EMG.  One of the most painful things I have ever had to do.  As they tested both hands, they hurt for two days after the testing that went on for a full 30 minutes.  The singular positive thing was at the end I had a diagnosis and the knowledge that I don’t have to have surgery!!!  YES!!! 


Because I had been doing all this physical therapy, I have done limited art work over the last several months.  But, this art piece due to the image and subject matter, truly resonated with me today.  And I wanted to share it with you.  I created only two, one for my dear friend Kelly Kilmer and one for myself.  Kelly loves hands and is very knowledgeable about the politics of the day.  I think she is awesome and I enjoyed making this transfer collage for her.  


With that said, this art is now much more symbolic for me about being a mother, wanting peace for my children, and wanting peace for myself.  Now that I know I don’t have to have surgery, I have found a little Peace.


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  1. kelly says:

    I’m so happy you don’t have to have surgery…

    AND, YES, I LOVE the piece that you created for me. I actually was just looking at it-as it is right to my left as I sit here-before I sat down to use the ‘puter. Too deja vu ;)

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