Your Thoughts Create Your Future: No. 282

Posted By on September 20, 2009

Call me “crazy”, but yesterday I decided during my five mile run, I would run the Crossroad Half Marathon.  It started at 8 am.  And I only made it to the starting line by 7:46 am.  As I drove to the race, I kept thinking “I must be crazy…”   

I hadn’t trained as hard or consistently as I did for the Seattle Half Marathon in June.  But, some how I just knew I could and should do this race.  I had to keep my commitment to do another Half Marathon this year.  I just had too.  And I had told several folks (which is always a good idea, if you want to keep a promise to yourself.  LOL!!!) 

Last week had been extremely painful.  Between work, dealing with my healthcare provider (it is a complete mess!!!), and hard family events.  So, I had all but thought I needed to just stay home.  But, as I got up on Saturday and did five miles,  I thought I needed to keep my commitment I made in July to keep running and keep focused on staying healthy.  

I kept hearing a paraphrase of a quote from Louise Hay, “Your Thoughts Create Your Future”.  And I believed with every step, I could create my future, I could complete this race.  I never stopped running; I would pick up my water and keep going.  Going all the way to the end wearing No. 282, yes!!!  And people were kind all the way, saying good job No. 282, good job. 

Will I run another half marathon with out training harder?  Absolutely not!  And I hope and plan to do one more in November.  I’ll keep you posted.  See there I go telling people about my goals again…


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