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Joyful 1 BlogYesterday was an extraordinarily disappointing.  I missed a race that I had been training for since the beginning of October.  That may sound trite, but running has become my way of dealing with the incredible challenges that have come over the last year.  It is my mechanism for clarity and positive thought.  

With that said, I could sit here and dwell on my disappointment or I could be thankful instead for the blessing of family, friends, and art.  These things, combined with running have made a devastating year, manageable and almost tolerable.  So, with that thought I wanted to share this piece I did in KC Willis’ class last month.  

This little girl has such joy, considering she grew up in a time when we were not allowed to vote, lived in a segregated society, and could at best dream of becoming a maid.  She exudes joyfulness and makes anyone that sees her smile.  So, I thought I would reflect on her smile and remember there will be other opportunities and other disappointments much more powerful than a missed race.  And if I can just stay focused on positive thought, I may not be able to avoid the disappointments, but I can keep focused on my blessings and be thankful for what I have.  And that will make what ever the difficulty, better faster than I could hope. 

All the best…


2 Responses to “Thankful”

  1. The piece you created in KC’s workshop is gorgeous!

    I am sorry that you missed the race yesterday, but yes, stay focused on the many blessings you have and stop beating yourself up about the race.

    And just think how much stronger and faster you will be in the NEXT race because you will have even more time to train for it *smiles*

  2. kelly says:

    Venita-I love your art…so strong. So amazing. So wonderfully YOU.

    Ditto what Sherry said. Don’t beat yourself up over missing the race. Be blessed with what you do and what you are doing now…there’s always next time.


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