This Weekend’s Lesson – Be Present

Posted By on November 10, 2009

Be Present As you may have seen over the year, much has been happening in my crazy life.  And I am constantly “multi-tasking” to get everything done.  And in the process of multi-tasking, I have made some random and sometimes costly errors.  

Recently I booked a plane ticket for an arrival date a few days earlier than I needed to be there.  Then I booked the wrong time on the plane ticket, because the cheapest flights are super late and highlighted at the top versus super early flights are at the bottom of the selection list.  And unfortunately, I needed to be there early.  But, I must say Frontier Airlines were awesome and change the flight time to an earlier flight and just charged the difference versus the difference and a $150 change fee.  At that point, I should have started to work out that there was a lesson in all this.  But, no I didn’t quite get it.  So to make sure I got the lesson, there was my race on Saturday. 

I trained diligently for the Heart Center of the Rockies Half Marathon.  It was to be my third half marathon this year.  But, here is where I missed the lesson.  The race had three start locations.  The half marathon was several miles away from the 10K and 5K.  I mistakenly drove to the 10K, because I just wasn’t paying attention to the instructions of where the half marathon started.  By the time I worked it out, it was too late to get back to the start of the half marathon.  

The bottom line is that with all that has been going on, I just wasn’t Present.  So, to say I was tremendously disappointed is an understatement.  On Saturday morning, I was inconsolable.  I finally stopped feeling hurt, disappointed, sad, and embarrassed about it sometime yesterday (probably when I started making art and writing yesterday’s post).  My husband kept saying, “no one died and no one is injured”.  And this is extremely true; the problem is that the running is helping me manage the pressure and stress I’ve been under over the last year.  And instead of eating, I have chosen/committed to run.  

So, I finished this collage tonight to remind me of the criticality of being Present.  To be Present can only serve me at every level in my life.  And for that, Saturday’s events were a valuable lesson.  Now I need to find one more ½ marathon for 2009. 

To my family and friends who have written or commented on my Facebook and blog, thanks for all the support.  I am Thankful for all of you.  

All the very best…


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  1. kelly says:

    You made art. You had an awakening moment. You learned a lesson. You have family and friends who love you.

    Maybe it was a blessing in disguise-a wake up moment. You are one heckuva busy bee.

    big hugs…

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