Let go of the negative. And there will be more space for the positive.

Posted By on November 13, 2009

Let Go of the NegativeI mentioned this on my Sunday post, I was fortunate enough to meet and take a class from KC Willis.  She is an amazing fabric artist and an incredibly good soul.  Each of her pieces tells a story.  In her October class, she offered us the chance to make a wall hanging or a book.  I jumped on making a fabric book and by a stroke of good fortune was able to do a small wall piece as well.

I created this fabric transfer during KC’s class and coupled her image with vibrant blues and represented the blooming roses through the golden roses beneath her.  And in the script that appeared below her, I wrote “Let go of the negative.  And there will be more space for the positive.” This mantra came to me during one of my runs and I have been focused on it for about the last month.

The mantra has helped me to realize the importance of moving on after a disaster, heart break, or disappointment.  And through KC’s class I could express this mantra through fabric with Our Lady Guadalupe.  How cool is that/  KC’s class has inspired me at a level that is hard to convey.  But, what I will say is that the mantra is true in that by letting go of some of life’s craziness, I have been blessed with the chance to meet KC Willis and move my art to a different and more compelling level for me.

I hope my mantra can inspires you as well.

All the best…


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  1. Kimberly says:

    Hey There:
    I was very excited to find someone else who is african american and enjoys altered and mixed media arts. Please contact me so we can chat. You work is wonderful and maybe we could swap sometime. Check out my etsy site at http://www.3Kimberly.etsy.com. Look forward to hearing from you. Kimberly

  2. Dawn Elliott says:

    Love your art…your site…your mantra! I find that the Virgin of Guadalupe is the saint who speaks to me, as well…when I’m still enough to listen! I’m all for letting go of some of life’s craziness – thanks for the great post!

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