Let go of the negative. And there will be more space for the positive.

| November 13, 2009

I mentioned this on my Sunday post, I was fortunate enough to meet and take a class from KC Willis.  She is an amazing fabric artist and an incredibly good soul.  Each of her pieces tells a story.  In her October class, she offered us the chance to make a wall hanging or a book.  [...]


| November 8, 2009

Yesterday was an extraordinarily disappointing.  I missed a race that I had been training for since the beginning of October.  That may sound trite, but running has become my way of dealing with the incredible challenges that have come over the last year.  It is my mechanism for clarity and positive thought.   With that said, [...]

Mixed Media Monday

| November 10, 2008

I have missed posting in Mixed Media Monday.  So, while I was in Kelly Kilmer’s class this weekend, I worked on my submission.  I created a journal page in my new Fukoro Toji we made during class.  At first, I was really spun up with doing something anatomical based on the description.  Then it occurred [...]

The Release of Peace: The Block

| November 9, 2008

I have had one of the best weekends, outside of the Obama Rally a few weeks ago.  It was great.  I took three classes from Kelly Kilmer.  I mentioned her earlier this week.  She teaches awesome, creative, innovative classes all around journal making and journaling.  She has been published several times and teaches all over [...]