Let go of the negative. And there will be more space for the positive.

| November 13, 2009

I mentioned this on my Sunday post, I was fortunate enough to meet and take a class from KC Willis.  She is an amazing fabric artist and an incredibly good soul.  Each of her pieces tells a story.  In her October class, she offered us the chance to make a wall hanging or a book.  [...]


| November 8, 2009

Yesterday was an extraordinarily disappointing.  I missed a race that I had been training for since the beginning of October.  That may sound trite, but running has become my way of dealing with the incredible challenges that have come over the last year.  It is my mechanism for clarity and positive thought.   With that said, [...]

Mixed Media Monday: The Little Book of Hope

| November 17, 2008

Two fun challenges in a row!!  I really liked this week’s challenge.  I originally was going to do a more traditional ornament.  But, I was so taken by my class last week with Kelly last week and all that has happened this month; I decided to do a Little Book of Hope.     I [...]