| November 8, 2009

Yesterday was an extraordinarily disappointing.  I missed a race that I had been training for since the beginning of October.  That may sound trite, but running has become my way of dealing with the incredible challenges that have come over the last year.  It is my mechanism for clarity and positive thought.   With that said, [...]


| May 8, 2009

As artists, we know that one of the greatest gifts we have is our hands.  With that said, one of the most positive things that came out of January was a confirmation about my hands.  I spent the tale-end of December, January, and February doing physical therapy for my hand.  My right hand has had [...]

Mixed Media Monday

| November 10, 2008

I have missed posting in Mixed Media Monday.  So, while I was in Kelly Kilmer’s class this weekend, I worked on my submission.  I created a journal page in my new Fukoro Toji we made during class.  At first, I was really spun up with doing something anatomical based on the description.  Then it occurred [...]

Lucy Mae

| November 6, 2008

I dedicate this post to my mother.  Lucy Mae was born the day the stock market crashed in 1929.  She still recalls growing up in the segregated south quite vividly.   She remembers going to segregated schools and having to step off the sidewalk when a white person would be coming down the sidewalk. Her grandmother [...]

Cool Artist Blog Sites

| October 7, 2008

Last month, I got tagged by lovely Sarah Fishburn.  And essentially what that means, is that you tag some of your favorite blogs.  So with that said, I wanted to tag some of the blogs that I love and get inspiration from:   Kelly Kilmer Karen Michel  Sarah Fishburn  Tiffini Elektra  Helga Strauss      These ladies are [...]

Castro Street Fair

| October 7, 2008

Tami and Marty met me at my booth.  Special Events, had set up my booth and left two tables for me (and they come and tear it down after the show).  We put out my wonderful linens from Santa Fe, my art, prints and t-shirts.  The booth looked great.    The show officially opened at [...]


| October 7, 2008

This whole post is about amazing friends.  I flew in on Friday to SFO and off I went to my dear friend Lily’s house.  I shipped all my art for the show out to her.  It was wonderful to see her and her family.  They loaded up my art into the car and after that [...]

Mixed Media Monday – A Cup of Tea with a Bit of Cold

| July 14, 2008

What a fascinating selection this week.  I have been working on a piece for submission to Cloth Paper Scissors.  The call is for pieces that represent “A Tea Party.”  And low and behold Mixed Media Monday selected “tea” for this week.  I think one might call that Serendipity. The piece is for my mother-in-law who [...]

Running for My Life

| July 12, 2008

I got up this morning with an attitude change, a significant attitude change.  Like so many of us, I have a day job.  Though stressful, it is a very cool job.  However, with that said, like so many others, we are going through downsizing, restructuring, and “right-sizing.”  And being a stress eater coupled with the [...]