My Show on 11.7.08

| November 7, 2008

Tomorrow, I will have my art show at the Artists’ Nook in Bellvue, Co.  And I will also have work in the adjoining Fine Antiques Store owned by the awesome Bev Perina.  I honestly can’t wait for the show.  I am not sure how many folks will show up.  But whatever happens I will be [...]

Dia de los Muertos

| October 11, 2008

This weekend, the town of Bellvue is celebrating its first Dia de los Muertos.  Bev Perina will be hosting a Dia de los Muertos Celebration:   Fine Art and Antique show (Bellvue, CO) -  Oct 10-12th, 2008, as well.  Bev owns the Bellvue store and host an event every second Friday of the month.    There [...]

Castro Street Fair

| October 7, 2008

Tami and Marty met me at my booth.  Special Events, had set up my booth and left two tables for me (and they come and tear it down after the show).  We put out my wonderful linens from Santa Fe, my art, prints and t-shirts.  The booth looked great.    The show officially opened at [...]

Santa Fe – Epilogue

| August 8, 2008

I returned late afternoon on Tuesday.  It was a pretty un-eventful drive back; accept for when I reached Colorado Springs.  Between Colorado Springs and Castlerock, there was a really bad lightening and rain storm.  There were two three car accidents on the side of road.  So, I just focused on driving carefully and keeping in [...]

Santa Fe – Blessings for Home & Life

| August 4, 2008

Well I have an update on how my gallery visit went.  I arrived at The Blessing today at about lunch time and met with Jenni and her husband Doug.  They opened Blessing for Home & Life last October.  It is inside of Annapurna Restaurant.  They specialize in religious icons, statues, scents, teas and much more.  They [...]

Santa Fe – 2nd Day of Girl’s Inc. Santa Fe Arts & Craft Show

| August 4, 2008

Many of the artists continued to say the show was much slower for them.  And it would be a few hours before I got my first sale of the day.  But, all in all it was an amazing day!!!  In the morning, a gentleman stopped by to show his friend my work.  He was there [...]

Santa Fe – Set Up & 1st Day of Girl’s Inc. Santa Fe Arts & Craft Show

| August 4, 2008

Set up happened on Friday afternoon, you had a time slot to come in and do your set up.  I was on South Lincoln between San Francisco and East Palace Avenue in booth 134.  Nancy, Sara, & LeAnn helped put up the tent and then had to head out for a store visit.  So, I [...]

Santa Fe – Meeting Goddess

| August 1, 2008

Yesterday turned out to be a wonderful day.  It started out bit stressful.  An 8 am with my manager, to talk about the company’s restructuring, writing my blog and other various notes, then off to up load the files via the slowest wireless network in history, and finally off to FedEx/Kinko’s to finish cutting up [...]

Santa Fe – Road Trip

| July 31, 2008

So, I have been quiet for a week on my blog!  All I have been focused on is getting through our company’s re-organizations and getting to Santa Fe.  Well yesterday was D-Day.  With that said I packed up the car yesterday morning, ran about a 1,000 errands, cleaned up the essentials at the house, dropped my [...]

Girls Inc. Of Santa Fe 36th Annual Arts & Crafts Show – Aug. 2-3, 2008

| July 22, 2008

Well it is almost here!  I think I mentioned in one of my earlier post, that I have been accepted into the Girls Inc. of Santa Fe 36th Annual Arts & Crafts Show.  It is the first weekend in August.  And there are 250 artists that will be in the show.  You had to be [...]