Mixed Media Monday: The Little Book of Hope

Posted By on November 17, 2008

Two fun challenges in a row!!  I really liked this week’s challenge.  I originally was going to do a more traditional ornament.  But, I was so taken by my class last week with Kelly last week and all that has happened this month; I decided to do a Little Book of Hope.  


I picked some of my most festive decorative papers.  Then I created the cover using two cool papers and adding this little piece of left over fringe for the bottom.  I then stitched the book together to create a Fukoro Toji (see last week’s Mixed Media post).  Right before I stitched the book together I placed ribbon down the middle to create the hanger for the book.  As I commented a few months ago, “your thoughts create your future”.  As such, inside of my little book of Hope, I am collaging all the things that I hope for now and in the future.  This just puts a smile on my face and lifts my spirit.


What a cool challenge for the week.  I hope all of you have a great week!

Sunday Postcard Art: The Geisha’s Hat

Posted By on November 16, 2008

This is my first time posting to Sunday Postcard Art.  I found the site several months ago, but just never could get it together.  So I was bound and determined to post this weekend.  And although it is late on Sunday, I am going to do it. 


I loved the idea of a hat and I am really focused on Asian images right now.  So, I searched for an image that might have a hat and I found this fabulous image from ARTchix Studio.  Helga has fabulous images and this one is one of my favorites. 


I used decorative papers as the background for her and laid that on top of a tea stand postcard from a Japanese restaurant catalog.  Then I used ribbon to pick up the color in her kimono and create a focal point.  Then finally, I used metal bits from Creative Underground to anchor the collage.


The piece came out pretty cool.  I am going to mount it on a larger canvas ultimately.  How fun!!!

Mixed Media Monday

Posted By on November 10, 2008

I have missed posting in Mixed Media Monday.  So, while I was in Kelly Kilmer’s class this weekend, I worked on my submission.  I created a journal page in my new Fukoro Toji we made during class.  At first, I was really spun up with doing something anatomical based on the description.  Then it occurred to me, I could create something with body parts!! 


So, I found this amazing shot of Beyonce.  And I loved this page from an old French book.  I thought we could look behind the eyes to see secrets, hence the title selection.  I used decorative paper tape that I backed with paper and then cut out the beautiful lacy scallops that reach beyond the page. 


I am so thrilled I could take her class and create my first entry in a long time, it was a very good day!

The Release of Peace: The Block

Posted By on November 9, 2008

I have had one of the best weekends, outside of the Obama Rally a few weeks ago.  It was great.  I took three classes from Kelly Kilmer.  I mentioned her earlier this week.  She teaches awesome, creative, innovative classes all around journal making and journaling.  She has been published several times and teaches all over the US. 


I took Snippets – A Unique Artist Book, Goin’ Postal, and Fukoro Toji or Little Bound Book.  She brings practically everything (i.e. paints, papers, images,  pens, awls, gel medium, stamps, super cool tapes, and awesome Japanese pens, etc.)  So it makes taking classes super easy from her. 


I am showing one of the two postcards I made in Goin’ Postal.  It is a really symbolic for me.  Since the car accident in August, I have been unable to do art.  Between doctor visits, physical therapy, company restructuring, general life stuff, I just haven’t had the ability to do any art.  I would have ideas, but just couldn’t do anything with them.  And I have been truly distressed about it. 


Somehow I knew that if I could get started creating again, I would feel so much better.  Every since Kelly taught at the Artists’ Nook in 2004, I have taken classes from her every single year.  She always brings something fresh and knew, every year.  And this year was no exception.  And I knew that if I could take a class from her, it would be a great way to restart creating.  And I was right.  I feel so much better, I can not tell you how blessed I feel that she was here this weekend.


If you ever get a chance to take a class from her, do it!  She is awesome whether you are a novice or an advanced artist.  You will love it AND Kelly too!!

My Show on 11.7.08

Posted By on November 7, 2008

Tomorrow, I will have my art show at the Artists’ Nook in Bellvue, Co.  And I will also have work in the adjoining Fine Antiques Store owned by the awesome Bev Perina.  I honestly can’t wait for the show.  I am not sure how many folks will show up.  But whatever happens I will be excited.  My mother will be in attendance.  It will be the first time since I started showing, on April 9th, 2007, she has been able to attend a show.  I think it is fitting she will be here for my last two shows of the year. 


It will be one of the few shows that I will be able to have all my work in a single venue.   I’ll have my originals, prints, t-shirts, and books.  It will also be very cool, because one of my dear friends will be teaching just across the street. 


Kelly Kilmer will be here.  She is a great great artist and even a better friend.  I am excited she will be able to be there as well. 


This show has so many reasons to be excited for beyond my family and friends.  In one of my earliest posts, I mentioned two women that were pivotal in starting me back on the path to art.  They are Christine Webb and Christi Wich.  Christine is hosting this show and continues to remind me of how my work has evolved into something great.  Both ladies have created amazing spaces for artists to thrive and grow artistically and as people.  If you are ever in town please stop at there shops, they are both great great ladies!


I will let you know how the show goes this weekend.

Lucy Mae

Posted By on November 6, 2008

I dedicate this post to my mother.  Lucy Mae was born the day the stock market crashed in 1929.  She still recalls growing up in the segregated south quite vividly.   She remembers going to segregated schools and having to step off the sidewalk when a white person would be coming down the sidewalk. Her grandmother raised her and her cousins.  She reinforced over the years, that if Lucy Mae could get through school and college she would make something of herself.  And my mother was relentless.  She got funds from church, she cleaned houses, and she worked until she graduated from college.  She would go on to be a nurse, a special ed teacher, a school counselor, and administrator.  All the while she would endure set backs and prejudice, that are still too painful and many to recount here, but with all of that, she continued to instill us with the belief that if we went to school and college, we would have a better life.  We too could succeed.


The night before the election, I called her.  I said “Mama we are going to be voting for history in the morning.”  She said she would be there bright and early on the 4th .  She walked right up the street to the Catholic School in our neighborhood.  I wish I could have been there to see her vote.  I wish I could have seen that smile on her face and her proclaim “God is Good, all the time!!!”  And finally to see pump her hand in the air for victory.  Victory for all of us is to see this day, when we all stood up and said it is time for us to have HOPE again. 


As I said last night, it is a great great day!!!  Lucy Mae got to vote for History!!  I am so happy my mother, my dad, and my kids could see this History. 


God Bless America for having the courage to change direction and retake control of her own destiny.

What an Amazing Day!!!

Posted By on November 4, 2008

Who would think that 10 days, we would see the next President of the United States of America?  Today will be one of the most memorable days of our lives.  My father called me and said he never thought he would live to see this day.  He and my mother were not able to vote until they were 35 years old that was with the passing of the Voting Rights Act in 1964.  And today all of us, regardless of race, creed, age, or color, voted for a man that has given us HOPE again.  It is one of the very best days of my life.





Witnessing History

Posted By on October 26, 2008

Obama at the CSU OvalToday was cold and crisp day.  There were over 45,000 – 50,000 people standing in line for hours to Witness History!!  There were people of all ages, race, and color.  It was an amazing cite for tiny little Fort Collins.  We were all lined up to see Senator Barack Obama to speak at the CSU Oval in Fort Collins. 


We ran into friends, class mates, and co-workers.  People you had no idea, would be there and supporting Obama’s bid for the White House.  We chatted and laughed with the people in the front and back of us.  We befriend a couple who had driven from Cheyenne, WY to see him.  The wife had already seen him twice before today.  Although they became grand parents at 3:45 am this morning and she used a cane to get around, she was bound and determined to see Obama again. 


My mother told me about seeing John F Kennedy, when he came to Montana.  And how in awe she was that he shook her hand.  Over 45 years ago, she still remembers that vividly.  I wanted my children to have the same experience.  So, we stood out there in 48 degree weather for over 3 hours to see this man that could be president.  I wanted my children to see someone who looked like them, aspiring to be the president of the United States and know that they too could do what Barack Obama is doing today.  I wanted them to know that anything is possible in this world and in their lifetime. 


He was articulate, forthright, and specific about his dreams, ideas, and goals for the United States.  It was awesome to see this unpretentious honest man talk about Hope for our future and our nation.  I am really proud that I was a delegate for Obama at both the county and state level.  I am proud that I have volunteered for the Democratic National Party during this election.  I am proud that I voted on Friday.  I am proud that I got involved in the political process.  And most of all I am proud that my children had an opportunity to Witness History.  I continue to Hope for Change! 

Seattle in October

Posted By on October 15, 2008

Last week, I was on a business trip to Seattle.  It was the first one in six months for work and during one of the busiest weeks; I have had personally for some time.   It turned out to be a really good visit.  Meetings went very well and were productive.  We also, went to a few cool places as well.  If you ever get a chance, check out two restaurants:  The Pink Door and Purple.  The food is fabulous in different ways.  Very fresh and eclectic, great service, and just cool atmospheres.  Both are in downtown Seattle.  Then for art stuff, I would suggest Uwajimaya Japanese Grocery and Book store (on 5th Ave South across from the Amazon building), great Japanese papers, books, pens, and more.  I would also highly recommend De Medici Ming Fine Paper on the corner of 1st and University.  It is the most awesome paper, journal, and stationary store.  A must visit, when you are in Seattle next.  Finally there is a concert poster show going on from 10.11.08 to 7.16.09 at the EMP.  It is exhibiting handcrafted concert posters, made before digital collage.  It is called “The Art of Hatch Show Prints”.    I hope to make that show, the next time I am in town. 

The best part of the week, was just visiting with friends and catching up.  

Dia de los Muertos

Posted By on October 11, 2008

Ntra Sra. Milagrosa This weekend, the town of Bellvue is celebrating its first Dia de los Muertos.  Bev Perina will be hosting a Dia de los Muertos Celebration:   Fine Art and Antique show (Bellvue, CO) -  Oct 10-12th, 2008, as well.  Bev owns the Bellvue store and host an event every second Friday of the month. 


There will be multiple artists available at both the Bellvue store and also the Artists’ Nook just next door.  I will have three pieces at the Bellvue store.  One of the art pieces will be the Ntra Sra. Milagrosa (pictured here). Ntra Sra. Milagrosa is collaged on a brilliant background of international papers.  And light is emanating from her.  I love this piece, so she is available via commission.  Also being shown is my Mariachi Tipico Grande (you can check it out on my website) and Dos Corazon (see my post titled Dos Corazon in June). 


The show started Friday night.  If you are in the area, please stop by and check it out.